Geoff and Laurie - October 18th Wedding

Geoff and Laurie's wedding on October 18th provided us with an incredible challenge... Something that we at SwaggED had never done before, nor had even contempleted as being possible. Geoff had a vision of something romantic and to draw upon Laurie and his connection to France, he wanted us to build an Eiffel Tower as the back drop behind their head table!

When speaking to Geoff, you could see the emotional attachment that they both had with the Eiffel Tower, infact their give away gift was a mini Eiffel Tower Christmas ornament which looked amazing. We promised Geoff that we would deliver, and thus went into the planning stages of how to best recreate this in the space and scope that it would work the best.

Having their wedding at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre was great, we had access to 26 foot high ceilings and many structal plotting points for the frame. Two of the biggest challenges we would face were the weight of the structure and the shape.

The weight would have to be distributed between several plot points on the ceiling, and also supported on the ground. At first we thought that we could suspend everything, but the weight came be too much and some ground support soon became the only option.

Oh, and one more thing - Geoff and Laurie also wanted it to be well light, just like the actual tower itself is! So we were running close to a hundred feet of power to the nearest outlet, which meant mutliple string lights going up 26 feet to the ceiling, then over 36 feet to the walls, then back down 26 feet and then to an outlet. Thankfully again, with the design of the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre, all of this was possible, it just meant a lot of work! But we were determined to not only make this work for Geoff and Laurie, but to blow them away with something that looked spectacular!

And we did just that. From design, to inception, to production, you can count on SwaggED!


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