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For Geoff and Laurie's wedding reception at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre, we were challenged with trying to make a "SwaggED Decor" inspired version of the Eiffel Tower. We wanted to take this blog post to illustrate the type of work that goes into creating something like this when we have custom decor requests.

The first stage was to decide on the materials we could use and how to ultilize them for what we required. With long panels of sheer Voile, we could create the 4 arches that make up the majority of the Eiffel Tower structure, but the centre of the wedding hall did not have a ceiling we could use for drapery suspension since it was a 4 foot wide drywall bulkhead. We would have to over-extend beyond the drywall and suspend from outside of that central bulkhead. And because of this, we would need to make sure the weight was nothing significantly heavy because the weight distribution would be spread out over 5 feet, without a central point of attachment. As much as we want to please clients, we always strive to make sure that we don't damage or alter the venues that we work in.

photo 5_edited_edited.JPG

From there, the design would need to illustrate the construction of the horizontal frames which create that iconic look to the Eiffel tower, and would also allow us to include more lighting. The frames would need to be as light weight as possible so they could still be suspended, so we custom created them.


The lower of the two frames ended up being slightly too heavy to suspend from the ceiling, so we had to implement ground support beams and weighted plates to hold it in place.

photo 2-3_edited.JPG

From there, we could plot the exact heights for each aspect in order to get as close as possible to the correct proportions of the real Eiffel Tower. Inside all the 4 "legs", we used as many lights as possible, as well as on the horizontal frames. Thankfully the ceiling height at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre is 26 feet so it allowed us to the proper vertical space that we required for this.


Having the drapes and lights already up also provided a challenge as everything had to be built around it and then raised and balanced.


But things are starting to come together, and the actual frame is really starting to take shape.


And Voila! We have an Eiffel Tower!

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